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St. Marys, PA 15857

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Vollmer Tar & Chip, Inc. is a family owned and operated road construction business. Pictured to the right is Owner, Glenn, his wife, Angie, and their four children: sons, Jay and identical twins Luke & Mack and daughter, Livie. 

Each year Vollmer Tar and Chip continuously improves its processes and equipment to provide a high quality finished product. We try to treat all our customers as we would like to be treated and strive to provide the best product with the best customer service! 


Vollmer Tar and Chip and its Owner, Glenn, has been nationally recognized for quality and dedication to the construction industry with several Road & Equipment Magazines and Blogs. We are passionate about construction and making a name that we, our families, friends, employees and community can be proud to work with. We believe education and knowledge is our greatest asset.

In May 2015, Vollmer Tar and Chip sent all full time employees to spend a week at the Volvo Road Institute Training Center. Everyone successfully received their Certificate of Training Achievement for the Paver and Compactor Operation & Maintenance course. The course consisted of both a classroom setting and an on-the-job application setting. All employees passed the final test. We are constantly looking to stay current with all the latest technologies and construction practices and provide hands-on training to ensure all employees work to our standards. We value our employees and strive to be great co-workers and provide a life-long career. 

We have over 30 years of combined construction experience and a lifetime of interest and learning. We take the time to discuss any questions you may have and are here for you to provide complete customer service. 

ABOUT US__________________________________________________________

VOLLMER TAR & CHIP, Inc. Asphalt Paving began....

In 2008, after working 10 years for his brother's excavating company, Glenn Vollmer, sold part of a building he owned, took his life savings and a small bank loan and started his own business. 

He began with tar and chip (or chip sealing) services, using his own pick up truck, a manual distributor truck and a single axle dump truck with a spread box. His "garage" was a gravel parking lot his brother let him use to keep his equipment at.

After a year in business, Glenn saw a need for additional services and a real garage. He rented a garage in town and began offering asphalt paving. He taught himself through continuous learning and reading. After 5 years, Glenn was able to purchase a piece of land to build a small garage to run his business from.